Chapter 1: What did this relationship mean to me?

This was a long relationship

I've been there
Lynn talks about losing her brother.(3:22)Video transcript

My mother has been with me through it all; my divorce, when I lost my job, when the house burned down and we lost everything. How do I face the rest of my life without her?

Some people have been with you from the beginning of your life. Some just feel like they have.

These are the people who are there when you need them most. You call on them when something important happens. They celebrate your accomplishments and provide comfort when you are discouraged. They are a constant and lasting presence in your life, even if they are not actually with you.

How does this relationship affect my grief?

When a long-lasting relationship is changed forever by death, it can be difficult to handle your deep feelings of grief. It often takes longer to adjust because there are more losses to grieve:

  • The loss of someone who really knows you.
  • The loss of support.
  • The loss of someone there for the next milestones in your life.