Module 1 Summary

In summary

What the palliative care expert says

Some of the key points covered in this module include the following:

  • There are differences and similarities between stress and grief. Many people working in healthcare are coping with both.  
  • Remind yourself that what you are experiencing is a normal response to an abnormal event.
  • You are human and in a situation with many unknowns that cannot be controlled.
  • Pay attention to how COVID-19 and the associated losses have impacted you and your work. 
  • Reflecting back on what has helped you with difficult situations in the past may help. 
  • Emotional responses to work-related grief that last more than a few weeks can be troubling. Exploring these feelings with a trusted friend, counsellor, or your healthcare provider, is encouraged.
  • Consider taking a proactive approach to stress. This might involve exploring ways to reset your work-life balance or consider taking time away from work to reflect on and explore what is happening for you.