Chapter 1: Considerations for a home death

Other palliative care options

I’ve been there
Debbie explains that the needs of a dying person cannot always be met at home.(3:22)Video transcript

We were connected with home palliative care, but they wouldn’t enrol her because her death was not predictable.

Whether the decision is to die at home, to die in another facility, or to stay at home for as long as possible and then transfer to a facility in the final days or hours, you should know what some of these options may be. Depending on where you live (province/territory and urban/suburban/rural), these will vary. You can ask your healthcare team for referrals to palliative care professionals and programs.

Some possible options for facilities can include:

  • A hospital
  • A long-term care facility
  • A hospice

Helpful Resources
For a list of programs and services available in your area, click on the Canadian Virtual Hospice
To see some of the caregiver supports or information guides available in your province or territory, refer to You are not alone: Supports and resources for caregivers from Chapter 2 of Module 4 or the resources section at the end of this module.