Chapter 1: Considerations for a home death


I’ve been there
Jenny describes how family and community pulled together when her mom came home to die.(3:22)Video transcript
The palliative expert says
Description to come(3:22)Video transcript

It was a way for her to have a last decision. Finding out that she could be at home, die at home, that was a pretty big thing.

Many Canadians say they would like to die at home, probably because home feels comfortable and familiar. Yet most of us aren’t aware of what supporting a death at home might involve.

Is there a “best” place to die?

Deciding where to provide care toward the end of life can be a difficult decision, and you may find that you change your mind as circumstances change. There really is no one “right” answer. Ultimately, it’s most important that the person feels comfortable and that you have the support that you need.

What may help

If possible, talk about how you are feeling throughout this experience, as you will likely experience many different emotions. Seeking the support of people you feel comfortable confiding in may help to reduce feelings of isolation and may also lead to offers of help.