Chapter 3: Medication safety

Medication packaging

I was grateful for those blister packs because toward the end, I was so distraught and tired; the last thing I wanted to worry about was getting Amneet’s (my wife’s) medication mixed up.

Medication packaging to stay organized

Many different types of pill packaging and storage systems are available. These systems can help busy caregivers stay organized. Below are three different packaging forms. Roll your mouse over each to learn more about it.

Blister packs



Usually used for pills, they “pop-out” of a clear plastic case sealed to a sheet of thin cardboard.


Dosette boxes



Refillable hard plastic containers that can be prefilled for a week or more.  Some allow for multiple doses per day.


Automatic dispensers



Portable devices controlled by battery or electricity that help you organize pills by date and time. Some have alarms or use technology to inform a distant caregiver if medications are missed.