Chapter 2: Keeping medications straight

Changing medications

Now I had to learn about a new type of medication, what to do, and how to give it to my mom. But my annoyance was gone when I saw that this new one was working better for her.

Sometimes the healthcare provider may suggest that the person who is ill switch to a new medication. This can happen for different reasons as an illness progresses.

Before beginning a new medication, you and the person who is ill may want to learn more about what to expect. Click each phrase to see some questions you might ask healthcare providers after getting a new prescription.

Does the medication have any possible side effects?

What should be done if the side effects appear?

Can side effects be prevented?

Will this new prescription work safely with other medications?


Only one healthcare provider should be prescribing a person’s pain medicine. If this is not the case, the healthcare providers should be discussing the treatment with each other.

Medications are prescribed for individuals based on many factors. It is common for two people to have different doses of the same medicine or have different medications prescribed for a similar symptom. The important thing to know is that the medication is prescribed for a person’s unique symptom experience and should not be shared with others.

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