Chapter 1: Medication types and uses

Forms of medications

It seemed that as his heart disease got worse, he needed more meds, and then all of a sudden, there were less needed. It was confusing, but overall he was fairly comfortable, so I trusted what was happening.

Medications come in different forms, such as the ones shown below. Different types of medications can be prescribed in different forms.

Forms of medication

*Although we don’t cover all types of medication in this chapter, if you are looking for information about a specific kind of medicine, you can try the link below. This Canadian Virtual Hospice website section Asked and Answered includes general information about some of the common medications. You can also try typing the name of a medication into the search bar. No matter what you find online, all your questions about a medication should be answered and confirmed by a healthcare professional.


Be sure to discuss all medications (prescribed, over the counter, and herbal supplements) with the person’s healthcare provider and pharmacist. They can advise you about how best to manage the medications.

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If you have specific questions about certain medications, you can go here