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About can help you understand your grief and resolve some of the most difficult questions that may arise. was developed by a team of Canadian and foreign bereavement specialists as well as by people who lost a loved one (see Who developed ). This site is not a substitute for professional counseling or other health services.
Do I have to pay to consult The site is free for Canadian users. Residents of other countries are charged a nominal fee of US $ 25 for unlimited access to the site for three months. Users can re-register as often as they wish, for a sum of US $ 25 each time.
How to use Everyone experiences grief differently. You may find that some topics or sections are more or less useful as you go through your grief and your needs change. There are nine sections, all of which include text and videos. You can, at your convenience, consult only certain subjects or browse all the content of section by section. You can use the site as many times as you want. It's up to you to decide what works best for you.